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From custom images to traditional holiday icons, drone shows (drone light shows) provide spellbinding entertainment for any event.

Drone shows are widely shared on social media, driving additional exposure of your message, celebration, product, or company.

Image of a witch from a drone show put on by Starstruck Drone Shows


Bring some high tech to your traditional holiday celebrations with a drone show. From July 4 to Christmas to Memorial Day.

Image of a logo suitable for a corporate event

Corporate Events | Conferences

Launch new products, celebrate achievements and mark key milestones with a drone show of logos and custom images. 

image of JC Jays football logo in sky


Gear up for a big game, celebrate a win and show appreciation to your dedicated fans with a drone show customized to your team.

image of a gender reveal image created by drones in a drone light show

Weddings & Gender Reveals

Celebrate your wedding with a drone show made just for you and your forever love.  

Announce the gender of your new bundle of joy with a drone show. 

image of a globe that was created for a drone light show

Concerts & Festivals

Nothing caps off an evening of music and festivities like a drone show. Use ethereal images, album art, or sponsor logos to send your attendees off in style.

Drone Show image of an American Flag, Starstruck Drone Shows, Missouri, 2023

Political Candidates

Get out the vote! Inspire your constituents with logos and messages they can’t ignore. 

The Drone Show Difference

While drone shows are a relatively new form of entertainment, they are gaining in popularity due to specific advantages.  


Green Choice

Reusable | Rechargable

Drone shows offer an ecological option to fireworks. No air pollution, no debris, and no noise pollution.

Our drones are small, battery operated, with ultra bright LED lights. They are reused via rechargeable batteries.


Nearly Silent

The only sound is a steady hum

Drone shows are free from the loud explosions and echoing bangs of fireworks. These sounds negatively affect those suffering PTSD and can cause fear in animals. For small children, loud noises can hurt their ears. 


No Fire

A perfect option in fire-prone areas

Drone shows are a great option in dry or drought-stricken areas. No source of fire is required, nothing explodes in the sky, and there are no burning embers to potentially fall back to Earth.

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